Goals of Bloomfield Elementary

The major goal at Bloomfield Elementary is to provide for the growth of students in the following four categories:

Physical, Academic, Emotional and Social

At Bloomfield School we provide this growth by:

  1. Expecting the highest academic level of success that each student is capable of achieving.
  2. Providing students with opportunities to participate in music, sports, drama, cultural activities, etc. thereby enhancing the four categories of student growth.
  3. Developing within students concepts of positive self-esteem and respect for all people and their property and thereby enhancing strength of character.
  4. Maintaining at all times the importance and value of each person as an individual thus allowing the student the opportunity to grow, think for themselves and use their own initiative. 
  5. Ensuring that our school provides a pleasant and cooperative atmosphere so that all students will enjoy the years they spend with us.