Student Safety

To ensure the safety of our students, your children, we ask for your assistance in key areas including:

Bus Security

Just a friendly reminder that the PSB is once again limiting bus passes for primary child care situations or unanticipated circumstances.

Bus passes are a requirement for all travel on buses that is different from the normal destination for your child. If your son or daughter is travelling home to a different destination, or with a different person, than they normally do, please provide written/signed instructions to the homeroom teacher. It is also beneficial if you ask your child to bring it to the attention of the teacher as early as possible so the note is not overlooked. We do realize that situations arise that may require a last minute change of plans. In those cases please call the office as soon as possible. Please note that the bus pass requirement also extends to mornings. If your child is at a different stop in the morning, they require a bus pass to board the bus in the morning. This is PSB policy even though in the past it may not have always been enforced regularly. If you know that your child will be at a different stop in the morning, please write a note the day before to get a bus pass.

Code of Conduct and Discipline

All parents/guardians are reminded that they are subject to the school's code of conduct, as are all students and staff. 

  1. I will respect myself, others, and all property. 
  2. I will support others by reacting appropriately to bullying.
  3. I will arrive to school ready to learn to the best of my ability. 
  4. I will resolve conflicts in a positive manner. 
  5. I will be responsible for my behavior and accept any consequences.

Students with Allergies

Like many schools in the province, Bloomfield Elementary is a nut free zone. We have multiple students with life-threatening allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. The presence of these products could have severe consequences for these students and we appreciate your continued cooperation. The PSB nut-free policy also extends to peanut butter substitutes such as Wow Butter. These substitutes smell and taste so much like the real thing that they can cause a stress-induced reaction in allergic children that is similar to the reaction that they would have with real nuts. 

Student drop off/pick up

Just a reminder that our drop off times have moved back to pre-COVID times and early drop off begins in the morning at 8:10 and runs until 8:30. After 8:30, if you are dropping off children, we ask that you follow busses through the parking lot and not backing up or making turns to go out the entrance. We appreciate your help with this.

Visiting School Property

All school visitors must visit the office upon entering the school. If you need to contact your child, we can call him or her to the office to meet you. If you are dropping something off for them, you can leave it in the office and we can deliver it at a time when it does not interrupt their instructional time. In the morning and at the end of the day parents are asked not to accompany their children all the way down to their classroom. Hallways are often congested at these times of day and we want to limit the number of people just to those that have to be there. Most importantly, it helps us protect the privacy and safety of all of our students/your children.